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Comzilla® Ultimate Racing Intercom


 Comzilla Ultimate Racing Intercom
Intercom Box Size = 4.53" x 2.52" x 1.34"

The Hardest Working Intercom In Motorsports

Available In Powder Coat or Polished Aluminum

  • The Comzilla Ultimate Racing Intercom is a purpose-built voice intercom system that provides clear helmet-to-helmet communications for 2 to 5 people with fully selectable sidetone, giving you the best of both worlds without the problems of the pci / avcomm "zero sidetone" method. No other racing intercom has it.
  • These units are designed for stand-alone operation or may be used with your two-way radio.
  • Comzilla Racing Helmet setups are provided with a military-type plug attached. Each user simply plugs his cord into a jack located near each seat. Hidden cables lead to the Racing Intercom unit.
  • The Comzilla Racing Intercom is housed in a very compact powder-coated, die-cast aluminum case measuring only 4.5" x 2.5" x 1.4" - about the size of a cellfone. The front panel is sealed to the case with a neoprene o-ring and held securely with captive stainless steel hardware. Mounting ears are cast-integral, insuring secure, vibration-proof mounting. No weak mounting brackets used here.
  • Front panel controls include an LED power indicator, and two "zone" volume controls.
    • Comzilla led the industry in the use of zone controls :
    • In a typical race vehicle, the noise conditions at high speed are very different between the seats. By separating these "zones", our unique system allows you to compensate, thus greatly improving clearity. No other intercom has this feature.
    • In a 2 passenger race vehicle, this separated audio system literally cuts the background engine and wind noise in half !!! - No kidding - half !!!
  • If you use the two-way radio connection, all incoming radio communications will be heard through the helmets. Both will have the ability to transmit on the radio with the use of two Push-To-Transmit buttons provided.

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Comzilla Racing Intercom

Comzilla - The Only Racing Intercom
Made In America
 The Only Racing Intercom Made In America

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